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Scammers are taking advantage of Amazon Prime Day to deceive shoppers

Security experts warn of a major phishing campaign aimed at taking advantage of Amazon Prime Day that ...

Netflix no longer offers a free trial of its services

Netflix has now abolished its free trial, which means that you must become a subscriber to watch programs on ...

Space: Russia calls for more cooperation from US

The head of Russia's space program said today that NASA's plans to send humans back to the Moon are "very ...

Twitter: Limits Trump tweets to his immunity

Twitter has disabled notification options in President Trump's tweet for violating its anti-misinformation rules.

AR Glasses: US Tests in military dogs

Dogs used in the United States military will in future be able to wear AR (augmented reality) glasses that will allow ...

Mercedes-Benz reveals the new electric Vision EQXX

Mercedes-Benz reveals a new super-efficient concept in electric cars, the Vision EQXX, which can cover a distance of more ...

Google: Gives users police data based on keyword searches!

Police usually need a warrant for a known suspect to request sensitive personal information, such as an Internet search history. However,...

Facebook: Blocked the company behind Turning Point USA

Facebook said Thursday it had shut down a company that had fake accounts for the conservative Turning Point USA group.

Fake news: The cybercrime that worries people the most in the world!

Cybercrime is one of the biggest concerns of both individuals and businesses around the world ....

NVIDIA: Better video conferencing with the help of AI technology

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies recommend remote work to their employees. These new conditions imply ...

Unmanned aerial vehicles will carry passengers until 2030! Αεροπλάνα χωρίς πιλότο θα μεταφέρουν επιβάτες έως το 2030: Η Britten-Norman, ο μοναδικός ανεξάρτητος κατασκευαστής εμπορικών...

Apple Event: All the products that the company will launch this year

Apple announced a new event for October 13, 2020 which has been characterized as the day of the release of the iPhone ...

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Windows 10: Microsoft has released a new task manager for gamers

If your computer games are slow or slow, you can free up resources in Windows 10 using the new task manager ...

NASA's Osiris-Rex is expected to land on the asteroid Bennu tomorrow

NASA's Osiris-Rex spacecraft will land on a large asteroid for a while on Tuesday and will collect some rocks and ...

How to turn off all vibrations on your iPhone completely

Some people are particularly sensitive to the vibrations of their iPhone, either for personal or medical reasons. Thanks to...

How to convert Keynote presentations to Microsoft PowerPoint

Apple presentation software does all the hard work when converting a PowerPoint presentation to Keynote. Doing the opposite, ...