Friday, November 6, 14:58
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CoronaVirus ransomware: Hackers infect your online life

A new ransomware called CoronaVirus has been distributed through a fake website that pretends to promote WiseCleaner system optimization software. With the growing ...

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"Network access" of 7,000 organizations is sold in hacking forums

Hackers have broken into 7.500 organizations and sold "network access" to many Russian hacking forums. A survey ...

Brazil Supreme Court: Victim of RansomExx ransomware

The Supreme Court of Brazil was ransomware attacked (RansomExx) during a court hearing via video conference.

Hackers exploit Oracle servers to develop Cobalt Strike

Hackers are actively exploiting Oracle WebLogic servers that have not been fixed against CVE-2020-14882 to develop Cobalt Strike beacons that ...

United Kingdom: NCSC-Microsoft Partnership in Cybersecurity!

The United Kingdom National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) is working with Microsoft to support the Cyber ​​Accelerator program. This is a...