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New device "puts" music in your head without headphones

Release a device that transmits music and sounds directly to your head without the need for headphones. But what do we mean ...

Spotify: Now it is possible to search with lyrics!

The popular Spotify music service is being upgraded to allow you to search for a song based on its lyrics.

Spotify: Accuses Apple of unfair competition

Less than an hour after the end of Apple's big Watch event, Spotify accused the company of unfair competition.

Bose: Introduces three new sunglasses with Frames series speakers

Bose has released three new models for the Frames line of sunglasses, more than a year after the debut of the original models.

How to upload and manage music on YouTube Music?

YouTube Music is the replacement for Google Play Music. The service is mainly intended for music streaming ...

Listen to music from YouTube in the background on your Xiaomi mobile

If you have an Xiaomi device and you're one of the people who likes to listen to music while ...

The 8 Top Android Apps for Song Recognition (2020 edition)

Have you ever heard a song you like but don't know how to say it? Or worse, you have been able to ...

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FCC: Extremists turn to radio equipment after banning from social media

The US government warns that extremists could turn to radio equipment to plan their future attacks, ...

Android: How to make Signal the default messaging app

Signal is a popular encrypted messaging application that focuses on privacy. It is an alternative to ...

Google Cloud: We use some SolarWinds, but we were not affected by the hack

Google Cloud CISO Phil Venables has revealed that the cloud uses software from the vendor, SolarWinds, but states that the use ...

Scotland Environment Service: ransomware continues to affect us

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) has confirmed that it was hit by a ransomware attack last month and continues to face ...