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Town Sports International: The US fitness chain has suffered a data breach!

The US fitness chain "Town Sports International" suffered a data breach, after a database containing the personal ...

Coronavirus Indoors: Avoid Fitness, Use Fitness App!

We're sure you all set the goal of getting more into the gym as the year changed. But this was before it appeared ...

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Netherlands: COVID-19 patient data was sold illegally

Two suspects have been arrested by Dutch police for allegedly selling COVID-19 patient data by Dutch health ministry systems.

Apple: Attention! Keep iPhone away from your pacemaker!

If you have an iPhone, then you may be interested in the following warning. Apple informed its customers that the iPhones may interfere ...

COVID-19 vaccines: Ways to protect supply chains

The development of vaccines for COVID-19 in such a short period of time has created many challenges and these are not only related to ...

How do insurance companies "enhance" ransomware attacks?

Ransomware attacks have increased significantly, with experts warning that their victims should not pay ransom to hackers ....