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Smartphone Chargers: How much energy do they consume when not in use?

Many people tend to leave their cellphone chargers unplugged even when not charging their smartphone. But the fact that ...

Caution! USB charging stations in public places are dangerous

Last week, the Los Angeles County Attorney's Office issued a warning to people who travel frequently. One of the things you should ...

Don't Lend to Third-Party Chargers: Your Mobile is at Risk!

According to a Forbes report, security researchers are warning users of smartphones not to borrow other chargers. Research has shown that ...

These innovative chargers will save you the toughest moments

Smartphones can do a lot nowadays, but their battery doesn't last as long as we'd like and we're always looking for chargers. Fortunately...

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Tyler Technologies: Change remote support passwords

Tyler Technologies informs customers that they need to change the passwords of remote access accounts since they seem to be suspicious ...

United Kingdom: Cybercriminals stole 4.000.000 2019 from seniors in XNUMX

According to the charity Age UK, cybercriminals stole over εκατο 4 million from seniors in the UK during the financial ...

Google ChromeOS: New updates result in 100% CPU usage

Recent ChromeOS updates are forcing the Google Play Store to use 100% of the CPU, causing performance issues.

Amazon: Data requested by the police has been published!

No more wondering what data the police can ask Amazon for, as some details have been made public.