Monday, July 6, 00:32 p.m.
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CyberPhone: Caviar's new iPhone inspired by Tesla

Here's Caviar's CyberPhone, an iPhone with a different design from the one we're used to, and it's reminiscent of Tesla's CyberTruck.

Parler: The new social media free expression… of conservatives

The new social media platform Parler will become the home of many conservatives, as they report that they can express themselves freely there.

Europe and the United States are worried about Google buying Fitbit

Pressure groups are signing a $ 2.1 million bid for Google's Fitbit health watchdog over concerns about secrecy.

Tesla: Breaks the stock market record and surpasses Toyota

Tesla shares hit red and became the most expensive car industry, beating Toyota, Disney and Coca Cola.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Specs, release date and price

Prices and some features of Samsung's new Galaxy Watch 3 have leaked, which is expected to be released very soon.

Apple Silicon: Computers may no longer be the same

According to Apple, the chip powered by the iPad Pro could also power Macs. In addition, as ...

UbuntuEd: The new operating system for e-learning

The new operating system for e-learning In early May, young developer Rudra Saraswat announced ...

G4 virus: The evolution of H1N1 has been identified in China

A new strain of swine flu, the G4 virus, has been described as "very, very dangerous" and could lead to the spread of a new ...

The smart glove that translates sign language!

This high-tech glove directly translates sign language into speech, and enables deaf people to communicate with anyone!

Stolen data from 945 sites appeared on the Dark Web

According to a report by Lucy Security, SQL databases that have been stolen from about 945 sites, affecting tens of millions of users, have ...

Facebook: Removes accounts associated with the "Boogaloo" movement!

Facebook announced yesterday that it has removed hundreds of accounts linked to the violent, far-right "Boogaloo" movement in the United States, as the movement has been described as ...

EU: For which countries will its borders open tomorrow? The US is off the list!

Most US travelers will be barred from entering the European Union from tomorrow, July 1, when the border reopens ...

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Behave! alerts you to websites that scan your computer

A new browser extension called Behave! will warn you if a website uses scripts to perform scans or attacks ...

Try2Cry ransomware: Infects USB flash drives

A new ransomware known as Try2Cry is trying to "reach" other Windows computers by infecting USB flash drives, using Windows shortcuts (LNK files) ...

Bitcoin scam attracts people with "bait" celebrities!

A bitcoin multi-stage scam exposed and used personally identifiable information (PII) to deceive users by prompting them to sign up for a ...

iPhone: What to do to boost your security?

One of the most important features of iOS is security. Rarely does a malicious application pass to ...