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France is thinking of banning Tor and free Wi-Fi!

Following the recent deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, France is considering new laws that will prohibit access to free Wi-Fi and Tor, the anonymous network, according to a recent Le Monde report.


After the attacks, a game of accusations began, blaming Edward Snowden and the end-to-end encryption services for his massacre. ISIS.

Now the government has renewed its attack on encryption and revives its efforts to persuade technology companies to hand over the encryption keys.

France wants to create two new pieces of legislation. The first wants to prohibit the use of free and common Wi-Fi during an emergency. Also, if Wi-Fi publishers do not disconnect them, they will face criminal penalties.

According to police, the reason for this ban is the difficulty of identifying suspects using such networks to communicate. During a state of emergency the powers of the police in the country are increasing. It can do housing research without having a warrant, step up border controls and even ban public protests.

The second legislative proposal that France wants to make is about banning or blocking communications over the network Tor as well as requiring service providers to hand over the encryption keys to the police and not only during an emergency.

Tor is an anonymous network maintained by volunteers which makes it very difficult but not impossible to reveal the true identity of its users. It is used by journalists and informers, but also by terrorists, pedophiles and cyber criminals.

According to Le Monde, 2's new legislation is likely to apply from January of 2016. If that is the case, France will be the first country in Europe to ban Tor. Although it is not easy to ban the network, China and Iran have already made some successful efforts.



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