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LinkedIn tries to stop spamming with a new tool!

Nothing is more annoying than opening your mail and the only new messages that you have to be the automatic messages sent by LinkedIn!



And the same social network he knows he has begun and frustrates his users so he tries to address the problem so that he does not become the enemy of any e-mail user!

The solution is a new internal software tool called Air Traffic Controller.

Based on his successful initiative earlier this year to reduce the number of emails which sends in half, now the social network is trying to develop a system by which it only sends emails and notifications related to the user and how he uses the social network.

The goal of the professional social network is to make as much annoying as possible. His new tool will now monitor how often you enter the network, use your preferences and habits to figure out when and to which device to communicate with you and to see what features you rely heavily on. In this way, it will only communicate with you with relevant messages and notices, and not with messages directly when you see from which company the deletions come from!

The famous social network states that the system will slowly improve but users will see a direct improvement in their communication with the company already today!

Let us hope that it is true and we will no longer have the usual spam messages!




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