Hacking campaign targets organizations through DNS hijacking attacks

Hacking campaign targets organizations through DNS hijacking attacks

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Hacking Team returns with new Encryption Cracking tools

Hacking team

The Hacking Team announces its return with new tools

Hacking Team, the Italian company that provides hacking tools for businesses and businesses governments, made her official return with an email sent to her customers via her mailing list.

The revelation comes from Vice reporters who have been notified of a new e-mail that David Vincenzetti's Chief Executive Officer sent to his current and potential clients through the company's list.

A brief snippet of e-mail says: "Most [law enforcement agencies] in the US and abroad will be" blinded ", they will" find themselves in darkness: "They will not be able to fight against such phenomena as terrorism. Only private companies can help here and we are one of them. »

The e-mail then says: "It is clear that the current US government does not have the guts to oppose the American IT teams and to adopt unpopular but absolutely necessary arrangements."

This email was sent to 19 October, nearly four months after a hacker known only as PhineasFisher violated the company's servers, stole and then "emptied" over 400 GB data.

400 GB of files included a zero-day diversion exploited by various applications, the spyware and surveillance tools, hacking tools, internal company emails, customer lists and purchases, and source code of the company's main product: Remote Control System (RCS), 9 version.

After the event, the Chief Executive Officer promised to return and during the appearances he had made at various conferences during the summer, he announced that his team has already begun work for RCS 10.

It's unclear whether the e-mail sent a few days ago refers to RCS 10 or something completely new.

One thing is clear, and these are the new tools that will enable governments and businesses to crack encrypted files and web traffic, a problem that many governments, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, are trying to overcome with one way or the other.

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