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Home security WP 4.3.1 | Was posted an emergency security update for Wordpress

WP 4.3.1 | Was posted an emergency security update for WordPress

-The updated version of it WordPress fixes total 29 vulnerabilities

- Platform users are urged to proceed immediately to upgrade.

The WordPress Security Team released an emergency security update to identify three critical issues, and more specifically two cross-site scripting vulnerabilities (XSS) and a potential privilege escalation error.

According to the official changelog of the company, the first XSS error was identified by the WordPress researcher and member of the WordPress Security Team, Ben Bidner, and can be exploited through the WP List Tables. Additional details were not released for user safety reasons.

The other two vulnerabilities were revealed by researchers from Check Point, Shahar Tal and Netanel Rubin, who presented their findings in an extensive blog post: http://blog.checkpoint.com/vulnerabilities

A critical XSS vulnerability affects the WordPress shortcode processor

The first vulnerability detected by the Check Point team (CVE-2015-5714) affects the WordPress version of 4.3 as well as all previous versions, and is the way in which shortcodes are processed (small text fragments which are read and interpreted by the CMS in accordance with predefined rules).

A privilege escalation bug allows unauthorized users to post blog posts

The second vulnerability detected by the researchers (CVE-2015-5715) is a major privilege escalation flaw that can be exploited through simple malicious HTTP requests, which under certain circumstances allows subscribers to publish a private blog posts. In addition to the vulnerabilities specified in this release, the WordPress team made 26 additional bug fixes.

All platform users are advised to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible.


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