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Home security CHM files contain the CryptoWall ransomware

CHM files contain the CryptoWall ransomware


Since the end of February, a new e-mail attack has been launched, the purpose of which is to infect victims' computers with ransomware CryptoWall. Dangerous messages carry active files (CHMs) that have a malware downloader to complete the download of the script.

CryptoWall has capabilities encryption files and starts blocking the data on the computer as soon as it starts running. When the process is completed, the user receives a ransom message asking him to pay a certain amount of money in a digital currency, otherwise his data will remain locked.

The latest detection by Romanian Bitdefender on Monday shows that this malware campaign is still in progress, starting with February 18, when the first incidents were recorded, numbering over 300 system infections only in the United States.

According to data from the Romanian security and anti-virus company, the countries with the most incidents are the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and Romania. However, there have also been reports of problems in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Slovakia.

CHM files are included in the programs to provide instructions on how the software works and to present its different features and features. They consist of compressed HTML files, images, and files JavaScript. One CHM functionality is that it can lead the user to web addresses.

For greater security, the system must always be up to date with the latest security updates and of course not opening email with attachments, especially from unknown sources.


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