McAfee: Mounted former employees for leaking data to an opponent

McAfee: Mounted former employees for leaking data to an opponent

McAfee has sued three of her former employees, who, as they say, have stolen commercial secrets from the company to transport them ...
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Six people were arrested by Europol for Bitcoin theft

According to a press release released on June 25, Europol in partnership with South West Regional Cyber ​​...
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Why can not I remove Windows 7? But why should it?

As we have mentioned several times in the past, Microsoft is particularly concerned about the world's love for Windows ...
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Phishing campaign infects Windows computers with two types of trojan

A new phishing campaign infects the victims with two popular trojan and hackers seem to try to target ...
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Bank Trojan Riltok has also begun to locate itself in Europe

Riltok, a banking Trojan known for its activity in entities in Russia, seems to have been renewed and now has ...
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A high visibility adult site poses a security risk

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Safety hazards

Computer security hazards have been discovered on the United States's popular pornographic website, of very high traffic.

These risks are due to a campaign malvertising, which uses Flash Player to exploit computing systems that do not have the latest version of the application.

Security researchers have found enough evidence of system infections originating from the xhamster [.] com, with the reason for an increase in attacks up to 1.500% lately. The security company who discovered the issue did not want to reveal the exact number of infections it recorded.

However, we can assume that a fairly large number of visitors to the page are infected, as it is quite popular, with 64 and 100 worldwide ranking in the United States, according to Alexa measurements. In addition, it is estimated that more than 500 million users visit the page on a monthly basis.

After several analyzes, the researchers revealed that the attack was drive-by download. Malwarebytes reports that the attackers invoked a simpler method, incorporating a new landing page and script, hosted in a broken ad network.

[alert variaation = »alert-info»] Researchers report that Flash scripts that exploit vulnerable systems go unnoticed by antivirus engines, according to VirusTotal. [/ alert]

At the time of its discovery, the security issue affected all versions of Flash Player prior to the version running on any version of the Windows operating system and with any version of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome was not affected by all of this.

Malvertising attacks are common, especially on pornographic pages, due to the large number of visitors they attract on a daily basis. But this campaign, according to the researchers, is very risky and spreads fairly quickly. For this reason, they urge all users to immediately install the new Flash security updates, Internet Explorer and Chrome, which were released earlier in the week.

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