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Home security Webinar to protect users from the dangers of Facebook

Webinar to protect users from the dangers of Facebook

protect against the dangers of Facebook

A new webinar for the protection of Facebook users' personal data was created by the update of the Hellenic Safer Internet Center.

The seminar, accessible at, was created to inform minors in particular.

The problem of privacy is also the fact that minors do not keep their codes private

According to last year's survey, 61% of teachers at all levels reported that although minors believe they are controlling their site, 65,6% of them state that they do not know the concept of privacy.

The above fact is considered particularly worrying, given that minors communicate mainly through social networking sites.

According to the same survey, most minors do not know how to use security settings on Facebook and other social networking sites, and when they find themselves in front of a fake profile or photo that offends them, they do not know how to report them.

The new seminar titled "Basic Tips on the Proper Management of Our Facebook Data" for seven minutes deals with the following topics: privacy policy and terms of use, friends, or known "unknowns" on Facebook, maintaining control profile, reporting inappropriate behavior, controlling applications, limiting public information on Facebook, posting photos, and disabling and deleting an account.



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