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Home security Phishing fraud targets Greek e-banking banking users

Phishing fraud targets Greek e-banking banking users

Phishing fraud

The address Prosecution of Electronic Crime it informs citizens of trying to catch personal data ( Phishing ) by sending fraudulent emails

The perpetrators of these messages, which appear to have been sent by Greek banking institutions, encourage recipients to confirm personal details of access to online banking services e-banking

These messages deserve great attention, as they use logos of Greek banking institutions and appear extremely plausible

Internet users are encouraged not to choose the proposed hyperlinks, not to reply to messages, not to register and send personal data, as they are by no means true, since banks do not confirm codes via emails

The Electronic Crime Investigation Directorate Of the Greek Police, informs internet users that a Phishing Mail attempt has been detected by banking customers who are e-banking e-banking users for the purpose of conducting transactions and transferring funds to third-party bank accounts abroad .

With these messages, unknown actors try to deceive the recipients to get them sensitive personal data and money.

In particular, these abusive emails inform the recipients that they must confirm their personal details and passwords to e-banking online banking.

If the recipient responds, their codes are caught by the perpetrators who then access the bank accounts of the victims and transfer money to third party accounts.

phishing - Phishing fraud targets Greek users

Please note that these messages require great attention, as they use logos of Greek banking institutions and are extremely plausible.

Users who receive such emails are invited not to choose the proposed links, not to reply to the messages, not to register or send personal data, as they are by no means true, since banks do not password confirmation via emails.

It is recalled that for similar incidents, citizens can contact the Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office on the following contact details:

• By phone: 111 88

• Sending e-mail to:

• Through the application for smart phones with ios-android operating system:CYBERKID


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