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Research: Better Girls in Creating Videogames!


In a survey of 12-13 pupils, girls showed greater skill and imagination, creating more complex and well-developed scenarios in videogames

Girls are more capable than boys to write complex programs for electronic games computers, according to a new British survey.

Researchers at the University of Sussex, led by Kate Howell and Judith Goodt, who published the publication in the journal Computers and Education (Computer and Education), according to British Telegraph, have experimented with a group of students from 12 to 13 years, who for two months were asked to develop their own video game on their computer.
The students had to use a simple one programming language, The Flip, developed by the researchers. The experiment showed that girls did better with programming.

Researchers have pointed out that girls 'best program performance is consistent with their overall superiority, both in elementary and secondary school grades, over their classmates' boys.

Girls demonstrated greater skill and imagination, creating more complex and well-developed scenarios in videogames. Probably this is due, according to the researchers, to the fact that girls have a greater ability to tell stories.

It is remarkable the trend of recent years, according to another recent survey, more girls and women playing video games than boys and men. A particularly dynamic category is 25 to 44 years old women who download such simple and entertaining games into their smart phones. Smartphones tend to become the most popular gaming platform now, surpassing computer games or gaming consoles.

Source: protothema.gr


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