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"Please Please Return My Files" - A student is cheering thieves

Dell-Inspiron-15R-N5520-1000-0694801In the area of ​​Loutra Ypati and more recently, there have been many thefts of thefts.

One of these is the case of a student who some have entered his home and stole his laptop along with the hard-hitting external media that had files and a bachelor's, a work of many months. The student asks the thieves to return his records.

As he writes, let's keep the laptop but his records, which to anyone else is useless for it is that he has the most valuable to accomplish his studies.

The following is the message of….

The full moon and the honorable unknown (.. known) friend that on the night of August 11th you decided to deprive me of my space (in Loutra Ypatis) only the laptop (acer aspire black) and the hard drive (toshiba, silver) and… nothing else, which means that you may have needed them more than me but you have to understand that the content of the hard drive is useless for you and valuable to me ..it is work for my school, my dissertation many useful files and other personal information useless to you.

Put some of your fervor ahead and find some way to get back to your external hard drive or content.

Get me hide to tell me you're going to let him go. My phone number is: 6971873415.


Source: lamiareport.gr


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