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How to make sure that the "Reset Password" message you received from eBay is real


If you are a user of it eBay, you have certainly heard so far about the massive violation of data that threatened 145 millions of people. The company has advised users to change their passwords.

Since phishing attacks are abundant, you need to be careful about what links you access and avoid opening false emails.

First of all, the eBay email states: "Important - eBay Password Reset Required" in the context of the topic and the message comes from

The content of the message explains the status of eBay and why it is necessary to change your password while being signed by Devin Wenig, the eBay Market Chief.


The most important thing to know about this message is that it does not contain any kind of link. In fact, Wenig deliberately asks you to access eBay immediately and change your password. This will help you understand if the message you received is a scam or not, since most phishing scams are based on creating clones of sites that try to copy.

While the exact message is not personally sent to everyone, which is usually what it does eBay, but at the bottom of the email, under Wenig's signature, you'll find a note saying "eBay sent this message to," followed by the account and username you provided to the service.


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