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More and more women in the "male" world of technology


In the last 12 months, 60% of newcomers in the industry are women - Over a third of all employees are female

Something strange is happening in the tech world, which is no longer a male affair, as companies are suddenly recruiting more women than men.

In the last 12 months in the tech industry in the US, 60.000 employees have been hired, of whom 36.000 are women, that is, 60%, according to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Typically, technology companies 70% with 80% were male employees, but according to the statistical authority, things have changed in recent years.

"It's definitely a surprise to see the surge, but it's still too early to know if there is such a trend," said Shravan Goli, president of Dice Holdings, the leading company providing specialized career-career websites for selected business communities.

She further added that "the increase in female recruitment has contributed to information, which is not the same as before, but also the tendency of companies to diversify. So all this has led to increased awareness of technology companies and the attraction of more and more women. "

However, in order to reach 50% of all tech workers, women still have a long way to go, as decades are dominated by high-end jobs, especially in the recruitment field, with men dominated by official US data. , women in tech industries are about one-third of the total.


Source: protothema.gr