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N-EverAlone: ​​Never more alone! One of the most prominent start-ups claiming the 1 Prize!

naloneThe name of the startup N-EverAlone, it is clear what it means to all of us. When you are alone, is the motto of the creators of the startup that became a business idea and aspires with claims to win first place in Zerofund. Three very talented young people, the Nikos SpirosThe Irene Vlachogianni and George Siamidis chose to make their idea a reality in e-business. <…>

The idea is simple and may have happened to most of us:

How many times have you had to see your ex announcing his / her new love on his / her social profile? How many times have you considered getting your "blood" back? How many times have you sat in front of a computer watching your friends send romantic comments to each other while you are not able to do so? Not anymore!

With the service N-EverAlone, its initiators pursue the term "forever alone" to be converted to "Never alone"! It gives you the opportunity to have your own new, beautiful, iconic relationship with boys or girls for as long as it takes. The service includes ready or customized packages that allow you to select your virtual friend with a few clicks. This unique and innovative service involves the most beautiful, real people, not ideal people. They are not programmed applications, with predetermined phrases or behaviors or anything similar. Among these, you will be able to choose your type, frequency of communication and other specific issues that you would all like to have in an erotic or friendly relationship.

Imagine the process like this "Genie in the lamp". You think exactly what you want, you say it to N-EverAlone and you have it! So simple! The only difference is that you have no limit to 3 wishes 🙂


As we are told in a communication we had with our creators N-EverAlone,  "What is not done in Greece, that is, to finance the ideas of young people in IT and entrepreneurship, we chose to do it ourselves and to self-finance through Zerofund"

"Help them grow", say Zerofund's initiators on their website, providing for that goal access to Microsoft's executives, Google's Yahoo and other leading companies to structure and market their business idea as a final product to the general public. In fact, the first of the start-ups that will be selected, will receive funding 65.000 $ and 3 months in San Francisco, the Mecca of IT!

Check out the newsletter they created on the service to get an idea:

Such efforts deserve the attention of all of us, since they are a minimal light in the work reality experienced by thousands of young people in Greece, who, although they have ideas and an appetite for work, are not provided with the tools to develop and make their vision a reality! SecNews, as we have mentioned many times in the past, supports the remarkable efforts of young people in e-business, technology in all its forms and more.

We wish to N-EverAlone to move on to the next stage and why not conquer and the coveted first class! You, on your part, have nothing but to support the effort of NikosOf Peace and George by subscribing to the relevant form (Fund N-EverAlone)

Stay tuned in SecNews to find out about any progress on Zerofund and the next phase in which the final winner will be selected!