Friday, October 23, 13:27
Home security Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome and Firefox were violated during ...

Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome, and Firefox were violated during the Pwn2Own hacking contest

vupen_pwn2own_2012_0Research teams violated during Pwn2Own hacking contest, Internet Explorer 10's browsers MicrosoftMozilla's Google Chrome and Firefox, earning more than 250.000 dollars in prizes.

In the same contest, an individual hacker took advantage of <...>

vulnerability of Java winning 20.000 dollars as a prize.

The French security company Vupen who had come first in last year's contest, managed to exploit a pair of IE10 flaws on a Windows 8 Surface Pro tablet. As the company announced on Twitter, they took advantage two zero-day vulnerabilities of IE10 bypassing the sandbox to achieve full access to Windows 8.



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