HomesecurityDuckDuckGo: Increases protection against Microsoft trackers

DuckDuckGo: Increases protection against Microsoft trackers

DuckDuckGo announced today that it will henceforth block all third-party tracking scripts from Microsoft in its privacy browser. As you realize in the past he did not.

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This change comes after the company faced massive backlash in May for not blocking certain third-party Microsoft trackers in the DuckDuckGo browser due to a shared search content agreement between the two companies.

This was in stark contrast to the previous description of the DuckDuckGo browser, which stated that it blocks hidden trackers found on websites.


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The fact that some Microsoft trackers were allowed was discovered by security researcher Zach Edwards, who found that the DuckDuckGo browser blocked the trackers Google and Facebook, but allowed some of Microsoft's trackers on domains LinkedIn and Bing.

Block all Microsoft trackers, most of the time

Today, DuckDuckGo announced that this week it will begin blocking all third-party Microsoft tracking scripts in the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for mobile (iOS/Android) and in the DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Opera).

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The blocking of Microsoft trackers is deployed through the 3rd-Party Tracker Loading Protection feature, with DuckDuckGo telling BleepingComputer that scripts from the following twenty-one URLs will be blocked:


However, as DuckDuckGo relies on Microsoft Advertising for search engine ads, there will be a limited number of Microsoft trackers while using the privacy browser.

When you click on an ad on DuckDuckGo search, the DDG browser will allow tracking scripts from to run once on the advertiser's website. This enables the advertisers to monitor how well the their advertising campaigns.

However, DuckDuckGo will block all further calls to this site that attempt to load trackers from

This isn't a perfect solution, but DuckDuckGo says it hopes to replace trackers in the future with private ad conversion implementations currently in development by Firefox and the Safari.

Microsoft says it is satisfied with this solution, as it allows DuckDuckGo to increase user privacy while also allowing Microsoft advertisers to continue to watch the performance of advertisements their.

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