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Three teenagers stating that they represent Anonymous did the attack on the Ministry of Justice

Confirm it information it had published SecNews on the capture of Greek hackers (supporters of the Greek HHS Stage Hack). Soon the interview of one of the hackers EXCLUSIVELY at SecNews. Stay tuned for the exact statements of one of the protagonists who chronicle the actual events.

The Organized Electronic Assault, which was received at the Justice Ministry's website at 2 in February, was scanned by the Financial Police and Electronic Crime Investigation Service. The illegal penetration into the computer systems and the website of the ministry,

had taken on a group of young CRACKER, nicknamed Greek Hacking Scene, who in their message said they represented Anonymous.

In the framework of the investigations, an 18 member of the group was arrested in the autocratic process, while the file that was formed included two young, aged 16 and 17 years, all high school students accused of illegal access to computer systems.

In particular, specialized Electronic Crime Investigation executives, following an online digital survey conducted on websites that were infringed, tracked the online footprints of users who, as it emerged, participated in organized battalions against Greek sites and used the nickname "GHS".

These CRACKER, apart from their pseudonym, also used personal pseudonyms such as "delirium","nikpa" and "extasy».

In investigations carried out, in the presence of a Prosecutor, in the homes of three residents in Athens, twelve computer hard drives and three laptops were seized.

At the same time, a digital analysis is being carried out on seized evidence to identify the digital "vandalism" of those people on websites in our country, as they have committed dozens of digital attacks according to their postings on the Internet.

The file that was filed was submitted to the Prosecutor's Office of Athens. The category for the participants in the online insult of the site is the violation of the provisions for illegal access to computer systems.

Source: defencenet.gr