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Amazon server outage has caused problems with Netflix, Ring and Delivery

Problems with some Amazon Web Services cloud servers have resulted in slow loading or failures in significant parts of the Internet. Amazon's extensive network of data centers powers many of the things that users interact with on the Internet, including the Web site, and as in previous AWS downtime cases, any problem has a huge impact.


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Users started noticing problems around 10:45 a.m. and shortly after 6 p.m. the AWS Status page said that «Many services have already recovered, however we are working for the full recovery of all services».

While some affected AWS-based services have been restored, the Internet is still a little slower and more volatile than usual. The most important application affected by the outage may be the one used by Amazon employees. CNBC cites posts on Reddit by Amazon Flex of warehouse and delivery staff saying that applications that track packages, say where they go and generally ensure timely delivery have also fallen.

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Holidays have also been reported in the stream of Disney Plus and Netflix, as well as in games such as PUBG, League of Legends and Valorant. We also noticed some problems accessing Amazon.com and other Amazon products, such as Alexa AI Assistant, Kindle ebooks, Amazon Music, and security cameras from Ring or Wyze. The list of DownDetector services contains almost all the known names such as: Tinder, Roku, Coinbase, Cash App, Venmo and the list goes on.

There have been reports everywhere from network administrators of connection errors with Amazon and the AWS Management Console that monitors their access to servers. After about an hour of trouble, Amazon's official status page added an update confirming the shutdown.

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The area that seems to be most affected is Virginia, so users in other places may not have as many problems, or may just have noticed a slower loading of their apps.

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