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The creator of Bitcoin won a lawsuit of 55 billion dollars

A computer scientist who claims to be the inventor of the world's most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin, has won a $ 1,1 million bitcoin lawsuit, which now stands at more than $ 55 billion.


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The trial, which took place between the Australian Craig Wright and the family of his former and deceased partner Dave Kleiman in Miami, sided with Wright and acquitted him of fraud charges. According to Reuters, what Kleiman's relatives were asking for was half of the 1,1 million bitcoin fortune created by the two partners.

Although Wright will not share bitcoins with the family of the late Kleiman, he will have to pay $ 100 million in copyright to W&K Information Defense Research LLC, a company owned by both. Wright's former partner and computer expert Kleiman died in 2013, and the two claimed to have created bitcoin together.

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«This was an extremely good result and I feel absolutely justifiedWright said in a video. «There are even more battles. We will change everything: cryptocurrencies will become digital cash as it should be».

However, Wright claims to be the real one Satoshi Nakamoto, the nickname for the man who created bitcoin. In 2016, Wright said it was Nakamoto and that the name was a pseudonym. The 1,1 million bitcoins Wright earned are some of the first cryptobodies never mined by Nakamoto. Kleiman's family said Wright stole the bitcoin mined during their collaboration.

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W&K and Kleiman real estate attorneys said their clients were "absolutely happy" to have won $ 100 million in the copyright decision and that Kleiman had been given "the fair share of helped create Dave».

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