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Report: Tim Cook signed a secret agreement with China in 2016

According to a new one report of The Information, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, "secretly" signed one more than $ 275 billion agreement with China, promising that Apple would help develop China's economy and technological capabilities (in exchange for exceptions to measures by Chinese regulators that could harm the company's businesses).

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In an extensive report based on interviews and alleged internal Apple documents, The Information revealed that Tim Cook personally entered into a five-year agreement with the Chinese government, during his visits to the country in 2016. It is said that this agreement with China arose from the concerns of some Apple executives about the company's bad reputation in China and its bad relationship with Chinese officials, who believed that Apple did not contribute enough to the local economy.

According to the report, Tim Cook promised Chinese officials that Apple would carry out investments in China, would ensure business agreements, while he would also take care of her employee training.

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Tim Cook's visit to China in 2016 was in the middle Beijing crackdown on Apple, which however stopped after the signing of the agreement. At the time, Tim Cook announced new Apple investments in China and urged other US companies to do the same.

Cook went ahead with the deal and promised investment to avoid possible Beijing sanctions.

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Report: Tim Cook signed a secret agreement with China in 2016

In May 2016, Cook announced that Apple would invest $ 1 billion in the Chinese startup Didi Chuxing.

Cook's negotiations led to the successful signing of the agreement, canceling a series of regulatory measures against the company and allowing access to the Chinese market. The exchange, as we said above, was significant investments, business deals and employee training in China.

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In particular, the agreement included a commitment from Apple to help Chinese manufacturers develop "the most advanced production-manufacturing technologies", to “support the employee training" to use more components from Chinese suppliers, sign agreements with Chinese software companies, collaborate with Chinese universities on research, and invest directly in Chinese technology companies.

Source: macrumors

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