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BMW has delivered one million "electric" vehicles

Two years ago, BMW delivered its 500.000th electric vehicle (including EVs and hybrids), promising to deliver one million units in two years. Now, the company has announced that it has achieved this goal by delivering its millionth electric vehicle, an iX xDrive40 SUV, to a customer in Europe. The company also promises to double that figure to two million by next year, while delivering two million fully electric EVs by 2025.

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BMW was a pioneer in the pure electric category with the i3 and i8 EV, but has since been slow to adapt to market needs. As a result, the majority of its electric sales were hybrid rather than purely EV. (The term "electric" generally includes PHEV, mild hybrids and EV.)

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Between January and September 2021, BMW reportedly sold 59.688 EV and 171.887 plug-in hybrid vehicles worldwide, according to CleanTechnica. In 2020, it sold 192.646 plug-in vehicles, including PHEVs and EVs, InsideEVs reported.

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This year, the company launched the all-electric i4 sedan and iX SUV models in the USA. It also offers four PHEVs, including the 7, X5, 3 and 5 models. Over the next year, BMW will add the all-electric BMW 7 and X1 series, plus the high-volume BMW 5 series by 2023. By in 2031 plans to have "about ten million fully electric vehicles on the road".

Source of information: engadget.com

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