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WhatsApp: New features of disappearing messages to enhance privacy

The WhatsApp he added new disappearing messages tools, to make conversations more private and protected.

WhatsApp disappearing messages

The new tools will allow WhatsApp users activate disappearing messages for all their conversations at once, which means none conversation will not stay for long. Users have at their disposal a variety of options regarding the length of stay of the messages in conversations. Previously, it was limited to 7 days, but now they can choose 24 hours or 90 days. When the user-selected timeout expires, their chats will disappear.

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WhatsApp executives had previously stated that the goal is delete all messages by default, to ensure that no one will be able to spy on users' conversations.

According to WhatsApp, the change was made to give people the “freedom to be honest and comfortable knowing that the conversation is not recorded and stored somewhere forever“. The current default for saving all conversations forever is something that many do not like, and it can be dangerous, as one could gain access to the conversations.

If users enable them disappearing messages by default on WhatsApp, then All new conversations created by you or another person will disappear after the selected time has elapsed.. It can also be activated for all groups created.

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If a conversation starts with someone who has the feature enabled by default, a message will appear indicating what he has selected.

Of course, any conversation can be made permanent if the user wants to, and the new settings will not make changes to any of the existing conversations.

"Living apart from family and friends for more than a year has made it clearer than ever that just because we can not talk up close does not mean we have to sacrifice privacy of our personal conversations", Said WhatsApp. "We believe that disappearing messages along with end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp are two crucial features that define what it means to be a private messaging service today and bring us one step closer to the feeling of a personal conversation.".

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Ο Mark Zuckerberg posted a similar message on his account:

"We have a new selection of disappearing messages on WhatsApp today, so you can make all new conversations disappear by default after 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days", He wrote. "Not all messages need to be left forever".

The choice is on Privacy Settings, under the "default message timer".

Source: The Independent

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