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Suicide capsule is said to have successfully passed legal control in Switzerland

A “suicide capsuleWhich looks like a futuristic coffin and was designed for painless assisted suicide, "Passed the legal control" in Switzerland, according to its creators.

Suicide capsule

The operation of the Sarco machine can be activated by the user himself, from interior of the capsule. Essentially, it works reducing the oxygen level, something that eventually leads to death, and in this case facilitates suicide, since it is the person who chooses it.

The process takes time less than a minute and is designed to allow one person to die relatively peacefully and painlessly.

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Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland and about 1.300 people used the organisation's euthanasia services last year. Dignitas and Exit. Usually, such solutions are resorted to by people with chronic problems who want to get rid of pain and suffering.

The new suicide capsule is his creation Dr Philip Nitschke, who serves as the director of the non-profit organization Exit International (not related to the Exit organization).

Sarco - abbreviation for sarcophagus - is transferred in any location desired by the user. Then, after death occurs, the biodegradable suicide capsule can be detached from its base to serve as a coffin.

Dr. Nitschke has been confronted with several negative reactions by the opponents of euthanasia. The reactions are related to some extent to the method used.

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"This method we use may never be an acceptable method of assisted suicide in Europe because of the negative significance of the Holocaust"Dr. Nitschke told the Independent in an interview. "Some said it was just a gas chamber".

assisted suicide Switzerland

The suicide capsule also has criticized for its futuristic design, which some say makes suicide more appealing, as it looks like a similar virtual reality application that allows people to “experience their own virtual death".

There are currently only two Sarco prototypes, but Exit International is also making a third suicide capsule via 3D printing and hopes it can be used in Switzerland next year. As we said above, the capsule passed the legal checks in the country and is said to have received approval.

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Dr Nitschke told local media last week that "there are no legal issues"And that discussions are ongoing with various groups in Switzerland in order to give the capsule for assisted suicide.

"Excluding unforeseen difficulties, we hope to be ready to make Sarco available for use in Switzerland next year", he said. "It has been a very expensive project so far, but we believe we are very close to implementation now".

Source: The Independent

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