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Verizon may be collecting your browsing history

As identified by Input, My Verizon application can collect information about your browsing history, location, applications and your contacts, to help the company "understand your interests". The program, in which Verizon seems to automatically select customers, is called Verizon Custom Experience and is hidden in the application privacy settings.


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The program introduces two different options that appear in the application, the Custom Experience and the Custom Experience Plus, each of which varies in terms of invasiveness. Verizon provides additional information about both in-app settings, as well as a FAQ page on its website. Custom Experience seems to be a stripped down version of Custom Experience Plus and, as Verizon puts it, helps "personalize" "contact you" and "give you more relevant product and service suggestions" by using information about websites you visit and applications you use on your mobile device ”.

Custom Experience Plus, meanwhile, has the same goal of helping Verizon offer users a more "personalized" experience. However, it not only uses information about the websites and applications they use on their mobile device, but also uses the "device location" along with "calling or calling phone numbers" to better understand their interests. ” This also includes their CPNI, which tracks the times and duration of their calls.

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browsing history

As Verizon explains on its website, it can use them information, for example, to present an offer that includes music content or give a music-related option to the Verizon Up Rewards program if they know you like music. Verizon explicitly states that "you must choose to participate and you can change your choice at any time", but it does not appear that users have the opportunity to choose for themselves or may do so unknowingly.

As noted by Andrew Paul of Input, discovered the possibility only after accidentally opening a promotional email from Verizon describing the new program.

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To completely opt out of the Custom Experience, open the My Verizon app, and then tap the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Scroll down and select “Privacy settings management"Under the heading"Preferences“. On the next page, turn off the option "Custom experience" and "Custom experience Plus“. To delete information that Verizon has already collected about you through the program, click «Custom experience settings»And then press«Reset».

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