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USA: Google makes it easy for you to find the right doctor

As part of its efforts to expand its health information, Google announced today a new search feature that will allow doctors to indicate which languages ​​they can speak.

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People who speak languages ​​other than English often find it difficult to navigate through the healthcare system in United States and are at risk of incorrect medical results because they have a major problem communicating with health care providers. Naturally, they receive better care from health care providers when they have access to trained interpreters or are visited by doctors who speak their mother tongue.

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In a post, Google drew attention to other features recently added to the search that address the challenges facing patients with the health system. One of these features is that now users can see which insurance networks are accepted by providers referred to in a search. On mobile, people can now filter by Medicare-accepted providers, a possibility that spokesman Iz Conroy told The Verge has increased in recent months.

Google doctor

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Updates include a number of other features that Google has for healthcare providers, including the ability to add links to sites where patients can make appointments, record illnesses office and note if the area is wheelchair accessible.

Source of information: theverge.com

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