HomesecuritySomeone is hacking receipt printers with "antiwork" messages

Someone is hacking receipt printers with "antiwork" messages

Hackers are attacking business receipt printers to insert "antiwork" messages, according to a report by Vice and posts on Reddit. "Are you underpaid?" One message reads, "How can McDonald's in Denmark pay $ 22 an hour for staff and sell a Big Mac for less than in America?"

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Many similar images have been posted on Reddit, Twitter and elsewhere. Messages vary, but most lead readers to the r / antiwork subreddit that became popular during the pandemic COVID-19. Employees lately seem to be making efforts to increase their rights.

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Some users reported that the messages were fake, but a cybersecurity company told Vice that they were true. "Someone ύει is launching raw TCP data into printer services on the Internet," GreyNoise founder Andrew Morris told Vice. "Basically on every single device that has the TCP 9100 port open and prints a pre-written document referring to / r / antiwork with certain employee rights / anti-capitalist messages."


The people behind the attack use 25 separate servers, according to Morris, so blocking one IP may not be able to stop the attacks. "A person is sending print requests for a document that contains employee rights messages to all printers that have been incorrectly configured to be displayed online, and we have confirmed that it is printing successfully somewhere," he said.

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Printers and other devices connected to the Internet are often unsafe. In 2018, a hacker sent a message to 50.000 printers telling people to sign up for PewDiePie. In contrast, hack in the receipt printer has a much more focused set of goals and messages.

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