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Pokémon Go now runs much smoother on iPhone devices

A new Pokémon Go update for iOS lets you run it game at higher frame rates. With version 1.191.0, the section “prestricted settingsOf the application now includes an option that says "Unlock the innate rhythm refresh your device for higher FPS".

Pokémon Go

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Of course Pokémon Go is not the most complicated visual game, but there is a lot of scrolling and camera movement and the smoother touch response is much better when you throw a pokéball with your finger.

Pokémon Go was previously locked at 30 fps at iOS devices. Many Android phones are already able to run the game at a higher frame rate, although on these devices, support may not be as successful. However, Pokémon Go has generally worked better on Android devices so far.

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The new iOS feature is not limited to the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models, which are the only iPhones with "ProMotion" 120 Hz screens. It also works on older 8 Plus models, where it is possible to unlock the frame rate, although the old A11 processor does not always maintain a constant 60 fps.

Η Niantic does not do much to promote this feature, which is disabled by default and is not referenced in version 1.191.0 notes, except for a vague reference to “various quality of life improvements".

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Enabling it for all users is likely to cause complaints about battery life, as Pokémon Go is already a pretty heavyweight application in this regard. But if this does not bother you, it is worth trying the new feature.

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