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Qualcomm: Because the always active camera on its smartphones is bad for privacy

The new features of the always active camera smartphone of Qualcomm were presented with many resounding statements from the company.


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However, for many users who are concerned that modern technology is being used to violate privacy, a cell phone camera that records everything even when we are not using it sounds like a nightmare and has a cost to it. privacy.

Qualcomm's main goal for this feature is to unlock your phone every time you look at it, even if it is just on a table or resting on a stand. You do not need to pick it up or touch the screen or give it a voice command. It just unlocks when it sees your face. This is definitely useful when your hands are busy with something or you are driving.

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Qualcomm likens the always-open camera to all the open microphones that have been on phones for years. These are used to listen to voice commands such as "Hey Siri" or "Hey Google" and then turn on the phone, all without having to touch or pick up the phone. But the difference is that they hear specific waking words and often limit themselves to what they can do until you actually pick up your phone and unlock it.

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It is true that smart home products already have such features. Google's Nest Hub Max uses its camera to recognize your face as you approach it and to greet you with personal information, such as your calendar. Home security cameras and smart bells are constantly on, looking for activity or even specific people. But these devices are in your home, you do not always have them with you wherever you go and they generally do not contain your most personal information stored on them, such as your phone.

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Even if you trust a reputable company like Qualcomm, there is a certain level to how comfortable we are with a camera always turned on on our most personal device, which records everything we do and wherever we go.

Maybe soon we will start putting film on our smartphone cameras, as we already do with the cameras on our laptops!

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