HomesecurityTwitter: Removes 3.400 accounts used in government propaganda campaigns

Twitter: Removes 3.400 accounts used in government propaganda campaigns

Twitter he said the permanent abolition of more than 3.400 accounts linked to governments of six countries that conduct campaigns of manipulation or spam.


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The social networking company says the accounts were used in eight different campaigns, located in Mexico, the People's Republic of China (PRC), Russia, Tanzania, Uganda and Venezuela.

The governments they often campaign through social media to influence the target audience to intervene in certain political conversations or to influence the audience towards a particular line of thought.

Of the six countries that use non-genuine profiles for their campaigns, the People's Republic of China (PRC) had the highest number of fake accounts, according to Twitter.

More than 2.000 accounts were used to distribute Chinese Communist Party content about the treatment of the Uighur population in Beijing.

Twitter found another 112 accounts linked to a private company called "Changyu Culture", Which is supported by the regional authorities of the city.

The Ugandan government has used more than 400 fake profiles to support the current president and his party, the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

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The activity carried out by the Venezuelan government was carried out through a network of 277 accounts promoting other accounts and hashtags.

Twitter says 276 of the fake accounts shared "mostly urban content" to support the Mexican government's actions on public health and political parties.


A network of 268 accounts used in an operation by the Tanzanian government for dishonest reporting of members and supporters of the news channel Fichua Tanzania and its founder.

Surprisingly, Twitter found only 66 accounts, fake and real, related to Russian companies targeting individuals in the Central African Republic and Libya.

The aim seems to be to promote a pro-Russian stance and support Russia's geopolitical position in Libya and Syria.

The social media platform reported that details of the campaigns and related accounts have been shared with three leading research organizations: the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), the Cazadores de Fake News and the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO).

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Twitter removed 3.465 accounts this time. The company did not share details about the number of tweets or media created or shared during the campaigns.

As of mid-October 2018, Twitter has unveiled campaigns from 17 countries, posting more than 200 million tweets and distributing nine multimedia terabytes.

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