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YouTube Music: Get a new Recently Played widget for Android users

Google has been refreshing its YouTube Music service for the past two months, adding new features and updating existing ones. In November, the platform received the useful "Play My Station" shortcut on Android, and a month earlier Google announced that the free version of YouTube Music would take background music playback - a feature typically intended for premium users.

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YouTube Music

Now a new update has been released on YouTube Music and this time the service has received the new widget "Recent Played" for Android. This feature was previewed in October but is now available in version 4.55.55 of YouTube Music for Android, available in the Play Store.

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The widget takes up 5 × 2 spaces on your home screen by default and is divided into two main sections. The top allows users to play and pause songs or press "thumbs up". Also on the album cover of the current song he is playing will appear some basic information, such as the name and the artist.

The bottom is a grid layout shortcut that gives you "quick access to recent videos, albums, playlists and more". In the larger 5 × 4 configuration, you can squeeze 10 items into this section and resize the widget to 5 × 1 or 4 × 1, but this will hide the bottom item and leave only the playback area / pause.

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The Recently Played widget follows Material You's design philosophy Android 12, also supporting the Dynamic Color feature. If you do not see the widget after the update in version 4.55.55, be sure to stop the application and restart again.

Source of information: phonearena.com

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