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Zoom: Adds automatic updates to Windows and macOS

Zoom announced the release of an automatic update feature yesterday, which aims to simplify the update process for desktop clients.


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The new feature is currently only available for desktop Zoom clients on Windows and macOS, with the platform Linux not yet supported.

The popular teleconferencing application says that mobile users can also automatically update their applications through the built-in automatic updates of their app stores.

"For most individual users, automatic updates will be enabled by default. When enabled, users will be able to opt out of automatic updates for their desktop client after the first installation or the first update where this feature is available"He said Jeromie Clark , Technical Manager of Security Products & Personal Data Protection at Zoom.

"Users can also change this preference at any time by selecting or unchecking My Auto Zoom Update under Zoom> Settings> General.. "

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automatic updates

Zoom users will be able to switch between slow and fast update frequencies, with less frequent updates and a focus on maximizing stability when Slow is selected. The latest features and updates will be installed as soon as they are available when you select the Quick Update channel.

However, regardless of the update channel selected, critical Zoom client security updates will be automatically released to all users that have automatic updates enabled.

Zoom has also added two-factor authentication (2FA) support since September 2020, end-to-end encryption (E2EE) in October 2020, and security enhancements to stop zoombombing trolls a month later.

The company's video conferencing software has become an extremely popular way to communicate with friends and associates and has hosted online meetings since the beginning of the pandemic.

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Zoom CEO, Eric S. Yuan, reported a significant increase in April 2020, as the platform reached 300 million daily participants. Automatic updates for desktop clients are coming at the right time, as Zoom has fixed more than a dozen moderate and high-security flaws in the last two months alone.

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