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Google search: Tricks that make your searches easier

Google search
Google search: Tricks that make your searches easier

Most people use it Google to search various things on the internet. The But Google Search can be even easier, if you use the following tricks:

1. Filter search results by date

Suppose you are looking for a news item that has been released during a particular week or you are doing a survey and you only want to find results from the last five years. If you filter by date, you will only get the results from those dates and not what is on Google. This is very helpful because it significantly reduces the number of results and does not confuse you.

To filter the results by date in Google Search, enter your phrase / keyword. Then press Tools (in the bar below the search box), click Any Time and press on one of the suggested options or better the "custom range".

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Google search
Google search

If you click on the custom range, a small box with a calendar will appear. You can enter them search start and end dates. In this way, you filter the results to ensure that you do not receive a single search result outside these time limits. After selecting dates, press Go.

2. Exclude keywords you do not need

It is annoying to see results for things that do not interest you. To avoid them, you can place the symbol minus (-) in front of the word that you do not want and respectively the plus sign (+) in front of any word you want to emphasize as important.

3. Try Advanced Search

Everyone knows how to do a standard Google search. But the Advanced Search, improves the process. You can find sites with specific words, exact phrases, numbers, languages ​​and regions, among other parameters.

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Google search
Google search

When you first try to search, click on Settings just below and to the right of the main text field and look for them Advanced Search (or type Advanced Search in the search box). You will see many search fields, which will allow you to filter your results.

4. Quick and easy search methods

If you do not need all the Advanced Search filters, you can use some shortcuts to do your searches. For example, if you are looking for something very specific, add quotes in the word or phrase (eg "The Last Dance").

You can also search a website directly by writing website: right in front of the URL and then typing your search term in quotes (eg site: secnews.gr "Google").

You can also put @ in front of a word to search on social media or add # to search for a hashtag.

5. Quick weather information

You want to take a quick look at Cairo; Assuming your device knows where you are, type "weather" in the Google search box and you will receive a detailed daily forecast along with forecasts for the coming days. You can also enter "weather in (the name of the area you want)" to quickly receive a detailed meteorological update.

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6. Find the origin of a word

Many people use Google as a dictionary by typing a word and then "definitionIn the search engine. Google explains the word but also offers synonyms, antonyms and (often) it etymology of the word - that is, the origin of the word.

Google search
Google search: Tricks that make your searches easier

7. Google Translate

Many times users need to translate a word, phrase or even whole text. With a Google Search, they can translate anything. Specifically, Google offers Google translate that works in more than 100 languages ​​worldwide.

8. Two searches at the same time

Most of us do searches using one keyword at a time.

If you are not sure what you are looking for, Google allows you to combine two searches. All you have to do is add the search terms and separate them with "and" or "or".

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