HomesecurityGoogle: Cryptocurrency miners hack Cloud accounts

Google: Cryptocurrency miners hack Cloud accounts

Google's cybersecurity team claims that misuse of cryptocurrency mining makes Google Cloud accounts more vulnerable to hacking. The information was released in a new report entitled "Threat Horizons" by Google's Cybersecurity Action Team this month. The report notes that Google Cloud users are vulnerable to phishing attempts by a Russian group that also targets Yahoo mail users. Other threats come from North Korean hackers posing as recruiters and promising jobs in Samsung.

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Google says the new report is based on information gathered by the TAG (threat analysis team) and other internal groups. The report emphasizes: "[Threat analysis] provides actionable intelligence that enables organizations to ensure that their cloud environments are better protected from ever-evolving threats. In it and in future threat information reports, Google will provide threat horizon scanning, trend monitoring and early warning notifications of emerging threats that require immediate action.

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Speaking of compromised Google Cloud accounts, 86 percent of cases are used to extract cryptocurrencies. In addition, 10 percent of Cloud breaches were used to scan other publicly available Internet resources for vulnerable systems, and 8 percent were used to attack other targets. Google notes that theft of data does not seem to be the immediate target of these breaches and that vulnerable accounts are prone to multiple forms of abuse.

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The report lists some of the most common practices for mitigating cyber threats. Starting with the simplest solution, Google Cloud customers should use two-factor authentication and not use shared passwords on different platforms. For organizations, the report adds that customers can sign up for the Advanced Protection Program and use Google Work Safer, which provides companies with access to additional security tools for emails, meetings, messages, documents and more.

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