HomesecurityInterpol has arrested 1.000 cybercrime suspects!

Interpol has arrested 1.000 cybercrime suspects!

Interpol has coordinated the arrest of 1.003 people linked to various cybercrime, such as romance scams, investment scams, money laundering on the internet and illegal online gambling.


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This crackdown stems from a four-month operation codenamed "Operation HAEICHI-II", which took place in twenty countries between June and September 2021.

These were Angola, Brunei, Cambodia, Colombia, China, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Korea (Dim.), Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand and Vietnam.

As for the financial aspect of the company, the authorities have "confiscated" almost 27.000.000 dollars and froze 2.350 bank accounts associated with various cybercrimes.

As detailed in the Interpol announcement, at least ten new modes of operation of cybercrime have been identified in HAEICHI-II.

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The previous large-scale operation to crack down on Interpol online fraud was HAEICHI-I, which runs between September 2020 and March 2021.

The operation involved 40 law enforcement officers and focused mainly on the area Asia Pacific, resulting in 500 arrests.

The amount of money confiscated was $ 83.000.000, while the authorities also located and froze 1.600 bank accounts belonging to fraudsters.

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