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Italy: Fine on Google and Apple for using data without consent

Apple and Google were fined 10 million euros ($ 11 million) today by the Italian Competition Authority for allegedly using user data for commercial purposes without their explicit consent, a clear violation of the Italian Consumer Code.

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The authority claims that both Apple and Google use user data collected through their services for advertising and financial activity without the user's consent. Apple "directly exploits the financial value" of user data it collects to "increase sales of its products and / or these third parties through its trading platforms (App Store, iTunes Store and Apple Books) ”, according to the press release.

The watchdog claims that neither Apple nor Google provide users with sufficient and direct information that their data will be used for commercial purposes. In particular, it is argued that Apple does not provide users with a way to opt out of using their data for commercial purposes.

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The Italian authority said that when users create an Apple ID, which is required to access any of Apple services, Apple "does not immediately and explicitly provide the user with any indication of the data collection and use ) for commercial purposes ”. The watchdog added that Apple only tells users that their data will be used to improve and personalize their experience and not that it will be used for commercial purposes.

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Apple's privacy policy, which is accessible to all users on its websites, states that the company will only use personal data to power its services, comply with local laws, prevent fraud and for communication purposes. Apple Privacy Policy also adds that personal data may be used for other purposes only with the consent of the user, covering any possible ambiguity.

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The Italian competition authority fined Apple more than $ 150 million earlier this week for alleged anti-competitive practices in cooperation with Amazon. The fine was the result of an investigation that found that Apple and Amazon were restricting sales of Beats products through third-party resellers in an effort to stifle competition.

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