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Because a 1949 toaster is smarter than any today

It was 1948, when the Sunbeam engineer Ludvik J. Koci, invented the perfect toaster, where simply placing a slice of bread in one of its two slots would result in a delicious piece of toast. It had no button, it had no lever, it did not require any other energy.


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When a slice of bread was placed in this toaster, it slid down with a series of cleverly designed levers that had enough tension to lower and raise two slices on their own. In addition, a mechanical thermostat inside, stopped baking the bread when it was ready and not after an arbitrary period of time.

With the toaster Sunbeam, the heat emitted by the bread itself heats a bimetallic strip which was made of two different types of metals that expand at different rates, ending up bending backwards to break the connection and stop the flow of electricity when the bread was ready. And here is the smartest trick. When the heating wire shrinks as it cools, this is what triggers the mechanical chain reaction that lifts your bread.

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And this mechanism does not wear out. There is only one screw under the crumb tray to adjust the wire tension and that alone is enough to revive many old toasters.

And as the Technology Connections, your bread becomes perfect, regardless of whether it is at room temperature, frozen or frozen when you place it in the appliance.

This also makes it extremely difficult to accidentally burn your bread, toasting it for a long time. The Sunbeam Radiant Control toaster heats the bread exactly to the temperature at which it browns, before turning on the thermostat again and closing it.

Of course, like any device, it has some disadvantages over other current devices.

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For example, if you want to toast different pastries, such as bagels, the result may not be so good, as the thermostat is aimed at the slices of bread.

In addition, while slices of square sandwich bread are toasted well, thicker or longer slices may not even fit in the slots.

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