HomesecurityApple will send emergency notifications to users monitored by governments

Apple will send emergency notifications to users monitored by governments

Η Apple will start sending emergency alerts (emergency notifications) to users who are attacked by government-funded hackers.

The new feature, which the company calls "Apple threat notifications", Will inform users that they are being attacked and will give them advice on the steps to follow.

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Apple emergency notifications

Emergency notifications will come as notifications to email and iMessage, to which addresses are stored with Apple ID of the user. Users will also see them when they log in to Apple website.

The hacking Government-sponsored attacks tend to be much more sophisticated than those perpetrated by typical cybercriminals.

This means that locating them is more difficult. It also means that they tend to be used to target important people, “high profile".

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Apple notes that the recipients of emergency notifications is likely to be a lot limited and may already be aware that they are at risk of such attacks. "These users are selected by them hackers individually because of who they are or what they do", States on the support page.

"Unlike traditional cybercriminals, government-funded attackers use exceptional resources to target a very small number of specific individuals and their devices, which makes these attacks more difficult to detect and prevent. Government hacking attacks are extremely complex, cost millions of dollars to deploy, and are often short-lived.".

Apple notifications

The company also said that the vast majority of users will never be the target of such attacks.

However, Apple acknowledges that due to the complexity of these cyberattacks, they can sometimes be sent false alarms, while it will probably not be able to send emergency notifications for every attack.

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He also says he will not be able to give details of why he sent the alerts to ensure the attackers do not take advantage of this information.

On the support page announcing the new feature, Apple advised all users to ensure that they are properly protected from attacks of any kind. To do this, they must maintain them their devices updated, to use strong passwords, to download only safe applications and avoid opening links that contain strange messages and emails.


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