HomesecurityUkraine arrests Phoenix hackers

Ukraine arrests Phoenix hackers

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has arrested five members of the international hacking team "Phoenix" specializing in remote mobile device breach.


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The SSU announcement states that all five suspects live in Kiev or Kharkov and are graduates of technical colleges.

The goal of the Phoenix team was to gain remote access to the accounts of mobile users and then to monetize them by stealing their electronic payment or bank accounts or selling their personal information to third parties.

To steal mobile users' mobile accounts, hackers used phishing sites that were clones of Apple and Samsung gateways.

This activity continued for at least two years, during which Phoenix hacked the accounts of several hundred people.

The hackers also offered cell phone hacking services to others, charging between $ 100 and $ 200.

Finally, the team unlocks stolen or lost devices made by Apple, connected to the original buyer by locking them in the first account created on the device.

Police conducted five searches at each point of arrest, confiscating computer equipment, mobile phones, specialized software and hardware.

During searches of homes and counterfeit telephone stores, police found several devices that appeared to have been stolen and were being prepared for resale as new in the Kiev region.

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Phoenix Ukraine hacker

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Threatening agents now face charges related to Article 361 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for unlawful interference with the work of computers, systems and computer networks.

While the five arrested are probably all members of the "Phoenix" group, authorities will continue to investigate to possibly identify more conspirators.

Ukraine actively fights cybercrime activity coming from its country, with recent arrests of members ransomware, money laundering and threats behind attacks DDoS.

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