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Germany ISPs: Discount on the bill if they do not offer the promised Internet speeds!

A new regulation that comes in the form of an amendment telecommunications law in Germany, could radically change the relationship between consumers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). In accordance with draft, customers will be able to test Internet speeds and, if they find a very large discrepancy between the actual results and what their ISPs promised, they will be entitled to a discount on their account.

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Internet speeds

The amount of the discount will be proportional to the difference between the actual and promised speeds.

To determine their connection speeds, consumers should use official measurement application speed Internet, provided by the Federal Network Service of Germany.

The measurement process includes 20 tests in two consecutive days (10 each day).

Germany advises consumers to use the method of continuous checks to ensure that speed deviations are repetitive and / or continuous and not the result of an instantaneous network problem.

If the download and upload speeds are below 90% of the numbers promised by the ISP, the customer is entitled to a discount on the account.

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The new regulation seems to be coming to protect consumers in Germany. According to the German Consumer Protection Authority, Differences in Internet speeds affect more than 50% of Internet users in the country.

Germany ISPs
Germany ISPs: Discount on the bill if they do not offer the promised Internet speeds!

Thus, the new law will help change this situation and give an incentive to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to live up to their promises and offer better quality services.

Right now, in most parts of the world, consumers are paying a fixed price for specific contracts and receive whatever speed is technically possible for their area.

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But this is often unfair to some consumers, as they may pay the same amount for the same service package, but have worse Internet speeds than other users.

Many times, we see users complaining on social media about ISPs and the Internet speeds they offer. Some take more drastic measures and do complaints to the competent consumer protection services.

In this respect, German law offering discounts on speed bills is a major victory for consumers.

It is said that the new law will enter into force in December 2021.

Source: Bleeping Computer

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