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WhatsApp on the web acquires a built-in sticker maker

The web version of WhatsApp has been updated with a built-in custom Sticker Maker, which allows you to convert ordinary images from your computer into stickers that can be sent through the messaging service. To access it, click the clip icon, select Sticker, and then select an image to upload. In addition to the web version of WhatsApp, the feature will also be available on Desktop apps next week.

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After uploading, the images can be edited to become the perfect sticker. You can draw a border around the subject of an image to cut out the background, as well as crop the images. Also, Emoji, text and additional WhatsApp stickers can be placed on top of your stickers.

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Being able to create your own WhatsApp stickers is nothing new and there are a number of third party apps available on iOS and Android that do just that. Of course it is very convenient to be able to be integrated into the desktop and web versions of the service, especially because they allow you to edit images with the precision of a mouse pointer.

Source of information: theverge.com

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