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SpaceX employees are leaving the company due to pressure to build new rockets

It seems that things are not going so well for SpaceX lately.

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Three of the top executives of the aerospace company, have left their roles in the last two weeks, according to one reference of CNBC. These include the vice president of propulsion Will Heltsley, the Vice President of Mission and Launch Operations Lee Rosen and the Senior Director of Mission and Launch Operations Ricky Lim.

The departure of prominent members of SpaceX comes at a time when the company's expectations are higher than ever.

The departures are likely the result of enormous pressure from the company to develop next-generation missiles.

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In fact, sources told CNBC that Heltsley was removed from the development process of the Raptor engine due to lack of progress. These are the engines used in the rocket Starship as well as Super Heavy amplifiers, which will play a big role in the company's goals to reach the Moon.

The CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, hinted at the same thing last week when he wrote on Twitter about the evolution of the engine, saying that while the Raptor 2 had "significant improvements", A"A complete design review is essential for the engine that can really make life multifaceted». He added that the engine would also give up the Raptor name.

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Several other longtime employees have also left the company recently, CNBC reported. Sources told the broadcaster it was related to SpaceX's takeover bid on Friday, which was also linked to employee equity schemes.

Although we can not be absolutely sure, the departures seem to be synchronizing with the high pressure associated with the fast-moving corporate environments and the cutting edge of aerospace technology. What would be strange is if many of the former employees come out and say that the airline is a terrible place to work and then go ahead and work for an opponent.

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