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Discord brings custom backgrounds to video calls

Discord is one of the most popular platforms that players use to interact online. It is a feature-rich communication tool that allows users to socialize via text and audio / video calls. This powerful service allows friends to watch YouTube videos together, join Clubhouse-like sound theaters, and listen to music as a group.

You can use most of its outstanding features for free. However, the company includes an optional subscription that unlocks more privileges. The latest additions to this platform are custom backgrounds for video calling and a new account change in beta.

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Discord published yesterday in Twitter that brings custom background support to video calls. The feature already exists in some popular video conferencing applications, such as Zoom and Google Meet. By default, all users will be able to choose from a collection of images. A blur option is also included as part of the free package. Users who want to upload their own photos to use them as a background must upgrade to Nitro - the service's premium subscription.

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Account switching (beta)

It was reported last month that Discord may soon allow you to change accounts within the app. The wait is over - at least for some. As reported by Redditor u / SilentBlade999, the company is currently testing the new switcher with selected users. Redditor has received the new feature in the web version of Discord. However, other users mentioned in the comments section that they also received it in the mobile app. It is not clear whether Discord will be fully operational soon or will remain a small percentage of users.

Source of information: xda-developers.com

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