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Spotify: Lack of native HomePod support leads to subscription cancellations

Several of its users Spotify have started to bother with the streaming service because of lack of HomePod support. In fact it is said that many customers are ready to cancel their subscriptions completely and switch to alternative platforms, such as Apple Music.

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About a year ago, at Worldwide Developers Conference by 2020, Apple has announced that it will add third-party music service support on HomePod. A few months later, Apple announced some of the applications that would benefit from the new feature, including Amazon Music, Pandora and iHeartRadio. Spotify was not on this list.

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We do not know at this time whether Spotify chose not to be part of the original batch of HomePod-supported third-party music providers or whether it was Apple's decision. However, a few weeks later one was published request in the community forum of Spotify, kindly asking the streaming service to add support for HomePod.

Then, in June 2020 and more recently, Spotify said it planned to has AirPlay 2 support in the iOS app of. AirPlay‌ 2 support allows users to listen to their Spotify content on their HomePod, but this is not native HomePod support. Native HomePod support will allow users to use Siri to play Spotify content from their HomePod without opening the app.

Customers do not hide their frustration, with a user writing that Spotify shows "childish behavior", While another said:"this is completely ridiculous - how come they still do not offer it; how many people have come here, seen it and canceled it. Why Spotify is so difficult to support".

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Unfortunately for Spotify, users do not express their frustration in words alone. Many say they have has already activated the three-month trial period of Apple Music and will go there if Spotify does not offer HomePod support before the end of this trial period. "Month without integration information… why pay for Spotify when other Services are more interested in integrations", Wrote another user, with many others saying that they have already gone to Apple Music‌.

"How many comments does he need to get his attention on this? More than 100 pages? Being the same software engineer, I understand that such integration does not take SO MUCH time. Come on, it's easy to conclude that Spotify has deliberately decided not to implement it. They have not even said a simple "yes, we are in it"".

Spotify has described the idea as "Live Idea", But has not provided updates on the phase in which it is.

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The rationale behind Spotify's refusal to adopt HomePod support remains unknown. Spotify used to call Apple "anti-competitive", Accusing it of making it difficult for other services to compete with it Apple Music.

"They do not care about the consumer - I waited a year, but nothing happened. I had a 6 month free subscription with my AirPods, so it was time to leave. It's time to dump her and move on. You can not complain that you are not on the HomePod and, when you are allowed to enter, do not even bother to support it".

Apple offers new customers a free three-month trial of Apple Music, which includes native HomePod support. New Apple Music customers who own selected models of AirPods and Beats headphones can use Apple Music for free for up to six months.

Source: macrumors

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