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How to use the Apple Watch Dock

Did you know that Apple Watch Do you have a Dock? You can use this handy menu for quick access to recent or favorite applications. Since it is fully customizable, it is worth taking the time to set it up and make it work for you.

Apple watch dock

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You can access the dock with a single click of the side button on Apple Watch your. When you do this, you will see a list of applications that you can navigate using your finger or by rotating the digital hoop. There are two basic methods you can use the dock: As a "history" of recently used applications or as a static favorite menu that you can start without having to navigate through all your applications.

At the bottom of the Dock there is an "All Apps" button, which will take you to the regular Apple Watch menu.

The side button on your Apple Watch can also be used to access your Wallet with a double tap. If you hold down the side button, you will see a menu with options to turn off your watch, display your medical ID, or call emergency services. If you hold down the button for a long time, an alarm will sound and the emergency services will call for you.

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You can switch between a static database of favorite items and recently used apps by launching the Watch app on your iPhone and tapping Dock at the top of the list. Press “Recently”To display a list of recently used applications or“Favorites”To create a list of frequently used applications.

If you select a static connection base, you can press «Processing»In the upper right corner of the screen and select your applications.

Remove applications using the red "minus" icon and add new applications using the green "plus" icon.

Use the button Rearrangement to the right of an application (three vertical lines) to grab it and move it up or down in the list. The order you choose is how your applications appear in the dock, so place your most used applications at the top.

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You can add any app to your watch in the dock, including some features that do not behave like apps but are accessible this way, such as Now Playing and Wallet. Any changes you make will be notified in real time and if you have the platform open on your watch, you will see items appear, disappear and move as you make adjustments.

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