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Twitter launches tipping feature for Android users

Twitter has the ability to provide in-app tipping to all Android users over the age of 18, following the release of iOS in September. Social media says that the "Tips" function is aimed at users who want to receive some financial support from their followers through Cash App, Paypal, Venmo and Patreon directly through the application. Android users can now configure themselves to receive tips from their profile by clicking the "Edit profile" button and then selecting "Tips" to get started.

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Twitter tipping android

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Twitter first introduced the feature in May, after reports indicated that the company was working on an instant payment option. The release of "Tips" on Android comes a month after Twitter released "Ticketed Spaces" on Android. The company notes that the function is a way to support the creators for their time and effort.

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Twitter is not the only social media platform that moves towards monetization and helps creators earn a living through its application. Last month, the TikTok confirmed to TechCrunch that it is testing a new in-app tipping feature on its platform that will allow developers to accept money from fans outside of TikTok LIVE streams, where gift offers are already supported. The company has confirmed that the feature is part of a limited test at the moment and is not yet widely available.

The direct tipping features of TikTok and Twitter seem to be a way for companies to compete with other digital platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, which offer lucrative ways for creators to make money.

Source of information: techcrunch.com

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